Heaven is Here

The Pattern on the Tin,

The Golden rim on the teacup you left behind;

And as you cross back to town

And pass the blue sparkle car,

You know,

You know,

It’s all different now.

There is no going back;

Its all been emptied for the New Way.

You will feel more at home now.

Lauren Lauren


Must have felt pretty low

Must have felt pretty slow

To go deep down

Surpass my frown

Find my crown

And travel back

To speak of that.

Life is a Journey, full of many experiences; Stay true to you, call in the light , pray for guidance.

-Lauren Lauren

Finding Grace

What is in the name, if you aint got no game

If you’re raw in the rough, the Diamond with the bluff;

And the screw in the hinge so you’ll swing back again

And stay true in your mold, do as you are told.

What if shapes shifted, drums rifted, and you found yourself

Sailing the open Seas;

No begs , No please

Just sailing with Grace

A clear calm face.


May your day be blessed; May you call in the spirit of Grace and feel her gentle wind brush against your wings.

-Lauren Lauren