3 years Ago

3 Years ago, August 8th 2017, I made my first blog post on my newly created web-page, this one! AncientAvatar! What a Journey it has been. My Art and Words come from my Heart, from my own personal experience, and I share with compassion; Knowing, Life gets hard, life gives love and takes it away, life strips you of what you thought you knew and can turn you in so many directions you may lose sight of which way is up.

But this I have come to know: 1. Sometimes things or people or experiences, are there to show me what I am not. 2. There is a light inside of me that needs to be tended to and from this knowing and growing, I will come to know the greatest Love of all. And to narrow it to 3 points, for the sake of this paragraph, …3. There is only 1 of you, so take care of you, embrace what makes you unique, and don’t be afraid to shine!

With gratitude for what has been, a certain Grace to be with what is, and the courage to move forward to what is to come, I say Thank-you for being with me along this Journey.

I have learned one thing for certain, if you look for the Beauty, you will surely find it!

So without further ado, will you join me as I pull out some of the Highlights and favourites of mine that have come to creation over these past 3 years…..

It began like this….

The Ark

12″ by 18″ 375.00 unframed framed: tbd

The Ark of Seasons change

The Re-arrange

Of times gone by

Children in the sky.

Filtered news, Rainbow Suns,

Cashew cheese, Hot cross buns.

Films to rent, Orange Brown Circus tent.

Long Lake days, deep Sun Rays.

Days of lack, days of Fortune

Burns and Baths, No sun lotion.

Risks of breaking,

Too much taking

And all the forgotten moments of Love.

It’s a Journey, let us remember

The dove.


The Coffee Sit

12″ by 18″ 356.00 unframed , framed: tbd

Something about that sit

On the edge of a busy street

The road that leads to the water;

Windblown hair pointing it’s way to the beach.

It’s not the caffeine I want anymore;

It’s the presence among all that is

Moving and still.

The feeling that it is to be Alive

And a part of it all.

– Lauřén Lauřén

The Lake

12″ by 18″ 235.00 unframed, framed: tbd

The Breeze on my upper arm,

I had not felt in a while.

The wet water seemed to welcome me

and offer me its body temperature, like a warm welcome womb.

So I swim in her, and welcome back my innocence.


The Boat

Painting a boat

On an Island far away;

It was a place, I didn’t want to stay.


The boat, I was offered,

And I could see,

There was a meaning,

A reason for me.

So I channeled my vision into this boat,

Here on this island so remote;

And all the noise that once bothered me,

Fell to the back,

And Peace found me,

So abundant,

No lack.

12″ by 18″ 235.00 unframed framed : tbd


In A Field of Wild Flowers

10″ by 10″ 350.00 unframed framed: tbd

In a field of Wild Flowers

Is where I’ll find my dance,

My sway,

My wake up each day

With a taste for the wind;

Where I’m greeted with the sun,

Where I remember where I’m from.

My sheets blow wild on the line

And all the animals in Harmony

Tell me it’s Time.


Here in the field of Wild Flowers

I know what is mine.

I shall take care of you.


Paris Afternoon Tea

12″ by 18″ ( 360.00 unframed. Framed: tbd)

It’s something about the caramel notes,

Creating swirls, a dance with the cane sugar Crystal’s that say, ” Good Afternoon”, to my tongue, and then relax me into my chair, washing away the care.

It brings me Present,

Present for my gift to come through;

To dance for you,

and bring through,

The Blue Sparkle.




12″ by 18″ ( unframed 350.00, framed: tbd )

It is the sound of the Middle East

A pitch not found here;

Something seductive

Something more silky

Than what my skin has touched before.

It comes by surprise, at the end of a Playlist

With no name

No way to find what song is this?

It sings to all my pores

That open to absorb it

Like the Ocean sand takes the wave.

It’s Yellow, so Yellow!

And I find myself in an open field

Wild Flowers all around me.

The smell of turquoise caresses my neck

and I long to hold

The hand that waits for mine.